Brand Identity

This is the critical first stage of any development be it for a new business or a new product line. It is the foundation upon which all subsequent design visualisation is built. Our team of creative experts can assist you in the creation of concept ideas that reflect your company values and aspirations.

You need something striking and unique which reflects your organisational culture. We can provide a complete solution matching your needs and aims. It begins by detailed brainstorming sessions with your key staff and also internally within our creative team. It is critical that we understand your company, values and aims and what you are looking for in the end.

Whether it is a company brand identity or a new brand for a product line, we gain a deep understanding of the messages which the brand should convey. Our creative team then has the complete freedom of mind to explore their creative spirits and present concept ideas in line with the requirements. It is a multistage process of collaborating with you going back and forward until we reach the final brand idea that our experts feel is communicating the right message and satisfying your desires and expectations.

Packaging Design

Distinct packaging design with attractive branding communicating your company values are of the utmost importance in today’s commercial world which is full of all kinds of brands. It has to position your company and products in the right market segment and attract the right customers.

At Offset Group, we are first and foremost experts in producing premium luxury packaging. As such our Creative team specialises in transforming the brand identity into a distinctive packaging design that oozes luxury and stands out from competition on the shelf.

Design is not limited to graphics only but also our creative minds think about unique shapes and materials, something that is different to the norm. The aim is to create a synergy reflecting the product aims and company value resulting in a special finish. This is also where our expertise in print effects comes into play as we are able to explore the extraordinary features of the design and make them stand out using premium effects.

Print Design

The days of standard looking brochures and books are long gone. Companies are looking for the extra special touch when it comes to their corporate materials. Publishers demand interesting cover design to attract readers to their books and magazines.

We are experts in this segment both in design and production. The covers are the critical to these publications and the close collaboration between our Creative Design and Print Effects teams results in designs that are unique and attractive. Print effects accentuate key features in a subtle or striking way based on customer preference. New and interesting materials are also explored leading to unique finish both in appearance and touch.


Often existing artwork needs alterations, colour management, preparation for print and more. We always suggest improvements to boost existing designs not only to be more attractive but also to stimulate the right emotions in the customers. Our Pre-press, Creative Design and Print Effects teams work alongside in such cases to boost the artwork and prepare it into print ready files with all necessary amendments as needed.

Whatever your requirements are, we can provide a complete solution for you from creating a special design for your publications, incorporating special effects and materials and produce them with a top quality premium finish.